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Reports by China's Chief Justice and top prosecutor have generated heated discussions among CPPCC members. China's political advisors have been calling for more efforts to advance the rule of law.

The two reports sparked lively discussion among political advisors. With years of experience in a local court, CPPCC member Qin Boyong applauded the court's efforts to build a transparent judicial system. She was impressed with a particular set of numbers.

"The high court's report mentioned that over 700 defendants were acquitted, and 1,300 revisions of criminal cases were made last year due to a lack of evidence. Supervision and transparency are essential to prevent a wrongful convictions like the Huugjilt case," Qin said.

CPPCC member Zhou Hanmin agrees.

"Trials must be open to the outside. They must also be transparent. And judges should be held liable for their verdicts. These elements will prevent future tragedies," Zhou said.

Political advisors say building an imparticial judicial system is not only about delivering the correct ruling. It must be carried out.

"In reality, sometimes a defendent refuses to obey the court order, thus rendering the verdict toothless. I think there should be a severe punishment system for these acts. If a person fails to obey a court order, he or she should have no place in society," CPPCC member Xu Jin said.

China's political advisors have applauded the government's sweeping anti-graft campaign, which has taken down over 4,000 corrupt officials at various levels. The international manhunt also reined in many who attempted to escape justice. They hope the rule of law will be furthered strengthened with more anti graft campaigns.

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