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Suitable for welding washers, special washers, wriggle wire, rivets, sheet patching, carbon rod
heating and shrinking.

● Microprocessor optimizes the welding parameters.
●  Synergetic adjustments; automatically sets the welding parameters according to the selected tool
  and the thickness of the work piece.
●  Adjustable time and welding current. All customized settings made during the working programs
  are stored until the power is switched off.
●  Equipped with suction slide hammer set for repairs of large dent areas without damaging the
  paint work.
●  Self checks when power is turned on with functions indicator lights.
●  2 LED panels  display for welding current and welding time.
●  Double piston cylinder for increased clamp force.
●  3 memory buttons to store customized settings.
●  Copper transformer for heavy duty load.
●  Double sided spot welding.
●  Overheat protection.


Technical Data

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