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Ds3 is special design for steel car body dent pulling.
Functions: washer welding, carbon rod heating, partial heating and tempering for car body.

● Microprocessor controlled, the multi-function control panel set the spot welding parameters
   automatically. And also allow to adjust the parameters manually.
● When work on car top and narrow interior space, the main unit is separable from the trolley.
● Thanks for hight precision MCU controlled, no burn on welding point.
● For operation convenient, with automatic detection welding.
● 3 memory buttons to store customized settings.
● 3 flexible ways earth connecting.
● Inner fan for heat dissipation.
● Copper transformer.
● Thermal protection.
● Compact, portable.



Technical Data

Unique 3 ways earth connecting for choice:

No burn on welded point:

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