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The H9 Induction Heater is a high performance induction heating system. This breakthrough equipment
technology uses high frequency magnetic fields to heat-release adhesives bonded to metal in just seconds.
The H9 Induction Heater will also let you release front and rear windscreens, decals, mouldings, vapour barriers,
sound deadening pads, name plates and badges that are bonded to the vehicle. It allows you to release frozen
bolts and nuts by heating them to red hot in seconds. In addition to these features, soft dents and hail dents
can also be easily removed using the dent removal attachment where the dent is gently heated to release it 
without damaging the paint.

●  Different alert sounds inform the operator which status (working or warning).
●  The power unit can be removed from the trolley by releasing the quick lock fastener. This  allows the technician
   to work in hard to get at places such as turrets and the interior of the  vehicle.
●  The MCU control, a feature of the H9, can detect which heating accessory is being used and  set the
   corresponding output current automatically. The setting can also be adjusted  manually to increase or
   decrease the time and power.
●  Has two operating switches. Each heating accessory has its own ON/OFF switch and  an pedal switch is
   also provided.
●  Three custom operations can be stored on the panel.  This allows the operator to retrieve the  saved operation
    at any time.
●  Air cooled by two internal fans to disperse any heat build-up.


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