LGK 40 60
-LGK 40 60-
Optimized design layout, high frequency inverter, high duty cycle and low energy consumption.
●  Compared with conventional cutting machine, it has a higher arc success rate, higher arc voltage;
   Energy is more concentrated for stronger cutting capacity. Higher cutting speed, narrower cutting
   gap, smoother cutting surface with smaller distortions etc.
●  Compared with flame cutting cost is lower and speed is higher as it uses cheap compressed air
   as cutting gas course.
●  Built in electronic circuit for overheating protection, over current, over voltage etc.
●  Compact in volume, light in weight, easy to carry for mobile operation.
●  Metal plates with different thickness can be cut into any shape.
●  Continuous, adjustable, exact cutting current.
● Main unit can be separated from the trolley.


Technical Data

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