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The traditional transformer based dent/stud welders and spot welders, inverter spot welders included, can not be used to repair or weld aluminium panels. To repair aluminium panels, special stud welders are used. Our aluminium spotter is particularly suited for aluminium repair, with features as follows :   
●  ●  ●
● The tip ignition technology with its discharge capacity reduces the welding process to a very short time (3 millisecond). This minimizes overheating that can cause deformation on the panels, or paint work and coatings on the reverse side of panels.
● It is not affected by the circuit strength due to uses special storage for energy capacity from SUZUKI Japan that has a stable quality and a strong output.
● Digital and LED display and adjustment of voltages ensures accurate control of welding process.
● And also thanks to the inverter  technology ,main unit  weight only 6 KG ,flexible for moving 。
● Thanks to the inverter  technology, the AL10 works on either 230V-2A or 110V-5A sockets.
● Comes complete with various accessories to to meet all repair requirements.
● Can also be used for stud welding of steel, copper and galvanized steel.
● The welding voltage setting by a knob, easy and directly.
● Utilizes capacitor stored discharge technology.

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