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A.TüV Brief introduct ion

TüV NORD Group, with a workforce of more than 8,000, is one of Germany's largest technical service providers and is number one in the north of the country. They owe their leading market position to our technical competence and a wide range of consulting, testing and servicing activities in the Systems, Mobility, Certification, Energy and Systems Engineering, Academy and International Divisions. TüV NORD Group has its headquarters in Germany, Hamburg and Hanover. TüV NORD Group is represented by its own personnel companies、branch or joint-venture companies in 23 countries in the world,

Since its estiblished in 1869, after 130 years of development, TüV North Tak Holdings has become the most authoritative international certification provider in the world. Not only in the quality management system, but also the environmental protection system certification enjoy high repetutation. At the same time in many products and technologies with international certification authority.

TüV NORD Group has more than 4,500 employees, including more than 3,000 experienced professional and technical personnel, auditors and senior auditors. As of 2001 TüV CERT has issued 30,000 certificates in the world, which was ratified by 85 countries.

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